About this blog

Welcome to my developer blog. As a consultant and architect in software development I have experienced a lot and also stumbled over some problems. My goal is to document my experiences, adventures and ideas and share them with you. I hope this information can be helpful for someone else, instead of just hanging around in my notes.

About me

I am a husband, father, developer, architect, consultant, coach and occasional speaker with passion.I work at Zühlke Engineering AG as lead software architect. I advise my customers in development, architecture and DevOps topics and develop software with them that gives them added value.

I graduated with an diploma engineer of information technology from university of applied sciences Winterthur in 2007. I worked in the industry as a Dot Net software engineer for several years until I joined Zuehlke in 2012 to become a consultant. I have a lot of experience in developing and designing distributed systems, event driven architectures, building frontends in various technologies and driving agile methologies, cultures and DevOps as well in the development teams.


Cover photo by BRUNO EMMANUELLE on Unsplash